We were born to be fighters. We fight for recognition, for honour, for glory. Even when we get sent to the floor, we stand up again, driven by that instinct.

We don’t stop until we reach our goal. We do everything to be above the average: to be bigger, better, faster, stronger.

Fight is in our blood. Every day, we fight our battles with ourselves and the world.
They say it’s impossible? We’ll do it. They say it’s unreachable? We’ll fight for it to our last breath. When everyone else has given up, we'll give it all we can. There's no impossible for us. We withstand any trial. Come what obstacle may, as long as we have the strength to walk we’ll unwaveringly fight for victory. Wounds heal, pain goes away, but glory is eternal.

Bars and weights are our friends, fight is our passion, the gym is our home.

Our world is